La Roja will bid farewell to the year facing Mexico in the United States


The The elimination matches in November will not be the last for the Chilean national team during this year. La Roja will be bid farewell to 2021 against Mexico in the United States It will be part of their northern country tour.

This was confirmed by the tricolor, through an official statement, which stated that The friendly duel will be held on December 8th It will be held in Texas. Mexican Football Federation and United Football Marketing She reported that for the first time in the MexTour’s 19-year history, the Mexican national team will play in Austin (Texas), when they face Chile, the two-time Copa America champion.”, you can read on the official website of Team Aztec.

There too, they assure that everyone’s team”One of the best restaurants in South America“And remember that both teams have faced” in 32 times”, with 16 victories for the Mexicans. Four draws and 12 victories for Martin Lasarte. most important to citizens? The guy remembered 7-0 at the Copa America 2016, where he – led by Claudio Bravo – won the Centenary of the America’s Cup. She upheld the Continental ruling she got a year ago.

however, The most important thing for Chile is to get as many points as possible against Paraguay and Ecuador in the qualifying roundsThe first match will be played on November 11th in Asuncion and the second on November 16th in San Carlos de Abuquendo.

We must remember that Eleven criollos are ranked sixth in the rankings table, with 13 units, three points from the direct ranking area and the same positives in the playoffs. So, apart from the combination, red He needs that Ecuador, Colombia and Uruguay are not doing well in their matches (against Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia, respectively).

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