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specific mountain edition of Classic RCN Andina 2021 To its end and with it, it gives way to an analysis of what happened during the 9 days of competition that can be summed up in different ways. One of them is the formation Team Duel of the Titans Dream, according to the performances of outstanding racers in various terrains, for performance in legendary peaks, in the general classification, stage victories, sprint victories, among others. Therefore, the Cycling World Magazine, made the perfect “10” for the 60th edition.

Douban Bobadilla

The big reveal. His skills as a climber came to the fore at the RCN Classic. The Herrera Sport Team rider discounted both locals and outsiders with his impressive displays on the high mountain stages that highlighted him as one of the race’s best climbers. Fight with the most experienced of you. The Bogotá native has always been very active going up.

Robinson Chalabod

One of the greatest community Oscar of Seville and Fabio Duarte in the mountain stages, especially on the day of the line where he jam his companions on the trip to Salento. His work helped him reach the top ten in the race. Nariño showed great level and consistency throughout the competition. His work for the team leaders prevented him from climbing in general.

Oscar Sevilla

The seasoned runner, who started as one of the favorites to win the duel of the giants, finished second less than a minute later than leader Duarte. The Spanish veteran continues to make history. At 45, the Medellín rider kept his chances of winning his fifth title at the Clásico RCN Andina intact until the last day. He overcame the very difficult stage of the Alto de la Línea without any setbacks and only suffered relegations.

Demar Reyes

He was close to the title, wearing the captain’s jersey in the early days. The winner of the 2021 RCN Andina Clasico, he cut two stages and was close to third in a sprint that he lost to Oscar Queiroz. She was the strongest in Salento and got in a pitched battle on the second stage of the Clasico RCN Andina in Yerico. A bad day prevented him from fighting for the title, finishing fourth at the gates of the podium.

Jason Reyes

He was the shadow of his brother Aldemar. He was a great EPM-Scott socialite on his high mountain days. Thanks to his performance, he managed to reach the top ten in the general classification. In a spectacular show, Yeison Reyes (EPM-Scott) won the fifth stage of Clásico RCN Andina with a breakout win. The Boyaca rider won a great move with a few kilometers to reach the finish in Murillo.

Fabio Duarte

The new hero. He was the main protagonist in the last 19.6 km trial in Buenaventura. It rolls at 51.7 kilometers to beat with a time of 22 minutes 44 seconds per day against the clock. Maintain regularity during the nine days of competition. He felt like a fish in the water on his favorite land, boarding.

Wilson Pena

Another of the young people who were surprised in this version of the classic. It was indestructible on the great peaks. The 23-year-old cyclist from Cundinamarca remained at the top of the general classification for several days. He lost the lead in the last time trial after finishing seventh on the day against the clock. The drop in the last race in the penultimate could have reduced his performance in the last break.

Marco Tulio Suesca

Boyacense was one of the most fighting characters, and was a great hero day in and day out. He was a great artist for Fogo. The Pride Paisa rider rose three times to the final podium in a duel of the Titans, to receive the jersey and trophy for the Mountain Champion, Fighting Champion and the Great Team Champion. Boyacá’s runner put in a superb performance throughout the nine days of competition.

Jason Casalas

He took sub-23’s overall title with integrity and without setbacks. He had a successful season with several wins on the national calendar, Boyacense of Tibaná successfully defended the youth jersey and was a huge support point for Darwin Atapuma and Wilson Peña. It has popped up en masse on the line and in letters.

Christian Cupeds

Another great discovery left by Clásico RCN Andina 2021. The rider attacked the Herrera Sport team in Murillo, but did not get his reward. He was very active in the days of the high mountains. The 24-year-old from Boyaca made it clear that he is a great climber. The time wasted on the team’s time trial kept him away from the general.

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