Lambda type of Covid-19 detected in Colima


The lambda variable of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was first found in Peru, was detected in Colima on August 19, the Minister of Health and Social Welfare (SSBS) reported, Picture of Leticia Delgado Carrillo.

The official noted that with this variant in the entity, there are actually nine different types circulating in Colima and there are 96 cases of patients with these mutations, of which 48% are highly transmissible.

“This risk is increased by the presence of new variants of the virus in our state, where 96 cases of patients with a variant other than the condition have been reported at the moment. SARS-CoV-2 virusAmong the variables of interest, only one case was identified, which represents 1% of the total and is a Lambda variant,” he said.

He explained that 23 cases correspond to the delta variable, 13 cases to alpha, 10 cases to gamma and one to the lambda variable.

According to information from the Minister of Health of the Federal Government, in Colima, both the Regional University Hospital in the state capital and the General Hospital in Tecuman are 100% occupied in beds with ventilators while four other hospitals in the entity are located in red hot spots, ranging from Their occupancy of the family with a fan is between 73% and 82%.

Even with that scenario, state health and education authorities reported that a plan to return to face-to-face lessons continues on August 30.

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