Lara Carvajal, on trial in the United States – El Sol de Tolancingo

Lara Carvajal, on trial in the United States – El Sol de Tolancingo

Hidalgo cyclist Francisco Lara Carvajal has turned the page after the disappearance of Ticos, and is touring the United States where he will compete with Team DCC.

One of the Ixmiquilpan participated in various competitions in the northern United States, taking the thirteenth and fifth places; However, it is not the only point in the country where it will be introduced.

Pancho has competed in New York, is in Pennsylvania, but will also be in Washington for the next month to continue his business.

Lara Carbajal has been involved during the first half of the year with the Tecos, who are originally from Jalisco, who are back in action after more than five years of absence.

This squad also had two other exponents of the entity: Lionel Palma Dague and Fernando Islas Lopez, and the latter, the winner of the Jalisco Road Cycling Series; However, due to economic problems, the team again saw its end.

After that, ixmiquilpense remained in a separate setup with the intent of staying in the best shape possible, until he found the opportunity at the American Federation.

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So far, it has not been clarified whether Lara Carvajal will join the group, whether it is a trial period or just as a guest on the group, but it is expected that in the near future there will be some conclusion in this regard.

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