Larry the Cat celebrates 10 years of catching mice in the UK

Larry the Cat celebrates 10 years of catching mice in the UK

Cat Larry, known as “the official mouse catcher”, Celebrates 10 years of service in the UK.

What is your position within the UK government?

On February 15th, It’s been 10 years since the cat, Larry, moved to 10 Downing Street to take on the position of Chief Mousecatcher in the Cabinet Office.

Larry was taken to the official residence of the British Prime Minister in London to end the rat epidemic, which, in 2011, was publicly walking in front of television cameras.

The cat was recruited from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, and the government website has a photo of him sitting at a locker table, with a British flag like a bow around his neck.

This is how Larry lives in the UK

“Larry spends his days greeting guests at home, checking security defenses and testing antique furniture for quality naps,” the site says.

His daily responsibilities also include thinking of a solution to the mouse problem in the house. This is still “in the tactical planning stage,” says Larry.

Larry came during David Cameron’s tenure as prime minister, and also saw Theresa May at number 10 Before the arrival of the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The cat has his own The Twitter account has won the sympathy of hundreds of users not only in the UK, but also in the world.

Larry also saw Theresa May in 10th place before the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived. | Photo: AFP

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