The Japan earthquake injured more than 100 people

The Japan earthquake injured more than 100 people
After the earthquake in Japan, the electricity supply has been restored to 100%. Photo: Reuters

else Japan earthquake, Registered this Saturday, caused the Asian country to have More than 100 wounded. This event was remembered until nearly a decade after the tsunami that caused the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

  • The earthquake was responsible at least 114 wounded, six of them critically.

What damage did the earthquake in Japan?

The Japan earthquake It did not cause a tsunami although many followed Replicas During the past hours. Sunday morning, he had not scored There are no dead, And no significant material damage. Also, no anomalies were detected at nuclear power plants in the affected areas, which were shaken by the 2011 disaster.

What happened in 2011 in Fukushima?

The March 11, 2011An earthquake measuring 9 degrees, followed by a massive tsunami that killed and disappeared 18,000 people, and caused massive damage as well. Central Nuclear in Fukushima Daichi.

According to the recent Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) Japan earthquake, 7.3 magnitude, a replica of the 2011 earthquake. The epicenter is located 60 kilometers deep in the Pacific Ocean and about 60 kilometers off the coast of Fukushima, According to the JMA.

“I was home. The tremor was so strong that I really feared for my safety.”Masami Nakai, a municipal official from the small town of Soma in Fukushima Prefecture, told AFP on Sunday.

  • This Sunday, the power supply has practically returned to 100%.After the eve, nearly a million homes will be without electricity.

real time The main visible physical damage was the landslide That destroyed a highway in Fukushima Prefecture. Aerial television footage showed another landslide on a remote race track.

  • The High-speed train connections (Shinkansen) in the north of the country has been on hold to check the state of the infrastructure.

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