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The social distancing measures implemented by most countries to combat the coronavirus pandemic are changing daily life in our society.

Without a doubt, physical exercise is one of the activities most affected by confinement. Despite this, experts stress that it is essential to maintain physical activity.

What does physical health mean?

It consists of the well-being of the body and the optimal functioning of the organism of individuals, that is, it is a general condition for people who are in good physical, mental and emotional condition and who do not suffer from any kind of disease.

This is why it is so important to do this activity because it has been proven that thanks to exercise you can get better performance not only physically but also at work.

This is what Cynthia Polido, a Physical Education and Sports specialist explained, as she stated that physical health helps in obtaining a better quality of life, in addition to avoiding chronic diseases and cardiovascular disease.

Being physically active is a nice way to keep in touch with your social circle.

In children and young adults, physical activity is key to weight control, as well as providing benefits in aspects such as stress management, mind release and relaxation.

Basic routine of exercising at home

The current situation cannot be an excuse for stability. On the contrary, we must prevent at least thirty minutes a day to exercise, especially those over the age of 30.

Well, you don’t need space, weights, or devices, as Cynthia pointed out, because you can do any physical activity at home, and now with technology, people can support themselves with basic internet actions in addition to using materials with that they already have at home.

“It’s not every day that you get motivated and that’s fine. Relax, but don’t give up.”

no excuses

Is your hallway short? Walking, jumping, or running on the toes. At least six to ten minutes per session (music helps a lot) twice a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. “

You have no weights? Drink a one-liter water bottle or two (Everyone knows what they can or should do) in each hand and repeat the exercises you would have done in the gym.

What do you want to do is work on your legs? OK here you go! Place your back against a wall, legs forward and almost hunched over, and go down as if you were sitting in a chair … you will see how your thigh muscles are burning!

There are so many ways to exercise that the only thing missing is the posture, and after doing some routine procedures, you will feel the results immediately.

Think about the benefits

Sweating and fatigue are not usually your main motivations when exercising. However, you should always keep your eyes on target.

When you have the initiative to get out and get moving, bear in mind that you are doing it for an even greater good: the health of your body.

Also, consider how your character will develop by maintaining a consistent routine.

Put in the rewards

Do you want that double cheeseburger? Work for her!

Motivate yourself to do your routine for a week, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, and as a bonus you will get that craving that you like so much.

Thus, you will not deprive yourself of the pleasures of life, but you will learn that you have to fight for them.

• Falling in love with exercise

Running or just being on a ladder climber can become monotonous activities that you don’t enjoy.

The excuses are over, and now it’s your turn to start changing your life. In 2021 to wear your tennis shoes!

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