Learn about the backdoor, the virus that takes control of your computer remotely

Learn about the backdoor, the virus that takes control of your computer remotely

virus the back doorwhich literally translates as “back door”, is a kind of malware which allows criminals to gain remote access to a computer system without being detected.

this malware It can arrive through a security hole in the network or by exploit Weak passwords or stolen. Once installed, it provides the foreign proxy to the attacker remote access to control the system. Thanks to this, the criminals They can steal your information and install other malware.

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The main goal of Backdoor virus It is providing unauthorized and persistent access to the system, even after steps have been taken to remove it malware. Therefore, it is a serious tool to use illegal activitiesLike spying or even in corporate information hijacking, known as ransomware.

How can a backdoor virus get into your system?

Once Backdoor virus Installed on the computer, it can open a “backdoor” for the criminal to remotely access the system and perform actions Harmful without the user being aware of it. This means that if your computer is being used for criminal activities right now, you won’t know it because criminals are manipulating it. background.

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The main roads The virus comes into contact With machine are the following:

1. Download malware

A backdoor virus can be hidden in a file Programming Downloaded from an untrusted source. You can even communicate through emails through phishing.

2. Software vulnerabilities

A virus of this class can take advantage of a vSoftware vulnerabilities Installed on the computer to access the system.

3. External storage devices

Malware can enter a computer through external storage devices Such as hard drives, USB or SD cards.

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Tips to protect your devices from this virus

It is necessary to stress that a computer can never be protected 100% attack to one of these clients. However, you can significantly reduce the risks to yourself and your data by:

So you can protect yourself from malware

  1. Keep your software updated

This means keeping your operating system, web browsers, and programs Antivirus from your computer to Latest releases and security patches.

  1. Do not download software from untrustworthy sources

This means that no matter how much you need it program, It is best to wait to buy it to be able to use it. This is how you can bridge the gap between criminals And you.

  1. Use a reliable antivirus

uses a Reliable antivirus software And keep it updated to protect your computer.

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  1. Check the emails that arrive in your inbox

Always check that the Email messages that reach your inbox from a trusted source, and if you have internal links, verify that they are correct.

  1. Keep your distance from external storage devices other than your own

Although it is a very common practice, inserting a port USB It’s very risky, so we invite you to avoid doing it. If necessary, you must rely entirely on Antivirus that you got

  1. Create strong passwords

Remember: criminals are also familiar with passwords that you use to access your computer, so it is best that it be different in each account you have on the network and Updated at each specified time.

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  1. Keep your firewall turned on

Make sure your computer’s firewall is turned on to protect your network from external attacks.

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