WhatsApp | What does “No valid QR code detected” mean | solution | error | data

WhatsApp |  What does “No valid QR code detected” mean |  solution |  error |  data

If you are one of the people who are suffering from this problem, here we tell you what you should do. The WhatsApp Not only can you see it on the cell phone, but also on a computer or PC, you can even log in on another mobile device to view all the conversations you have on the smartphone and continue sending messages. attachmentsemojis and even voice notes to have fun with your friends or contacts.

But in recent days, a strange error appeared, which was reported by hundreds of users of this application. Well, when you want to log in Whatsapp web Or at another terminal, a message saying “No valid QR code detected” appears. What should you do if you see this information? Here at MAG we’ll tell you so you won’t have any trouble.

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Remember that this error can be shown most of the time and it is nothing serious or you will lose your chats in no time. There is also no need to download or reinstall the app.

As you know, WhatsApp integrates a series of functions so that its messaging service works as best as possible on both platforms: whether on mobile devices or on a computer or laptop. Otherwise, desynchronization will occur and messages will not reach you.

How to fix ‘No valid QR code detected’ in WhatsApp

  • If WhatsApp shows you the message “No valid QR code detected”, then you should do so.
  • The QR code may have expired and that is why you cannot scan it. Better to wait for another arrival.
  • On the other hand, the camera may be dirty and not detect scanning objects.
  • Because of this, it is always a good idea to clear them to prevent them from happening.
  • In the event that mica is applied to lenses, it would also be best to remove it as it tends to generate bounce of light.
  • Whether on a cell phone or on WhatsApp Web, if the error continues to appear, it is always a good idea to restart your phone so that you do not have problems.
  • The other thing is that you can use your smartphone’s main camera so that when you detect it, a message will pop up that will take you directly to WhatsApp.

Did you find this trick interesting? The WhatsApp? We tell you that this messaging app is constantly changing and updated, so new shortcuts, icons and widgets are always appearing that make your experience of sending or receiving texts, stickers or multimedia content more pleasant. To continue discovering the news, you will only need to enter the following link with more notes from The WhatsApp in mag, and done. Do not miss it!

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