LeBron James said Space Jam A New Legacy is not the sequel to the movie made by Michael Jordan [Video]


one more time LeBron James and Michael Jordan They are again in the debate in the sports world, but this time the arguments came from the courts NBA To go to the big screen with the movie crowded place.

In 1996, Jordan shared the scenes with the Looney Tunes to get back the talent they stole from the great personalities of the NBA. And all that is good repeats itself, Space Jam will get the second half with no one else and no one less than LeBron.

Well, most of them thought, because even Google believed it Space Jam: A New Legacy, The movie, in which LeBron James will star, was the second part of that legendary movie starring Michael Jordan, but… ‘King’ Explained everything.

“It’s not the second part, it’s called Space Jam: A New Legacy. No es Space Jam 2, es Space Jam: A new legacy There will be a basketball game. There will also be some people who are not from this world and will compete with us. It’s a more family movie.” LeBron stated on the Trippin Road Show.

LeBron James made it clear that his Space Jam isn’t the sequel to the one made by Michael Jordan

Space Jam: A New Legacy will premiere in cinemas and streams on HBO Max July 16. Even if LeBron James doesn’t want to look like Michael Jordan 2 Comparisons will be eternal between the two legends.

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