Licey missed having two of the best guys out in the Eagles

Licey missed having two of the best guys out in the Eagles

Luis Bologna, “Atomic Hormiga” and “La Saeta” Miguel –Guelo- Diloné were the symbolic players of Águilas Cibaeñas in the Dominican Winter Ball, part of the team that gave “Cable, jibrica” to Tigres del Licey.

Did you know that both players were in plans for the blue cats and that Deloni even signed a contract to play with Licey, a signature that was canceled, due to the former Eagle star, and his mother, who had his guardianship, did not represent him at the moment to seize, accepting to be from that team.

According to Luichy Sánchez, On his return to the country as part of the team that represented the Dominican Republic abroad in 1970, Roberco Diaz, the San Luis Cardinals representative, introduced him to the president of the Dominican Professional Baseball Association, Manfredo Moore, As he was signed and assigned to the Blues.

Sanchez explains it Papi Bison He achieved contract cancellation proving that Delonie’s guardianship belonged to his mother, and who the U.S. baseball commissioner rescinded the agreement and declared the player eligible to sign as of February 14, 1971, the date on which the Pittsburgh Pirates obtained it and was assigned to the Aguilas Cibaeñas.

Poland case

The “Atomic Ant” was signed by Auckland Athletics and assigned to the Tigres del Licey, a group Poland said was his favorite “when he was a boy”.

Always according to Sanchez’s account, he tells us that when he gets to Licey’s office is Poland, he asks the late president of cats, Monchín Pichardo, that he’d rather play in Santiago than in the capital, be closer to your family.

He found the understanding of the high school president who did not insist on him and allowed the Eagles to sign him for local football.

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