CF Internacional de Granada works for women’s equality in football


Granada, 31 (Europe Press)

The sports advisor in Granada City Council, Jose Antonio Huertas, visited the Granada International Football Club in one of its training sessions, which is a new club born in 2020 working in women’s football “with the aim of breaking barriers in the world as in football, where there is still a lot To advance on the road to equality. “

The club’s president, Juan de Dios Valverde, is a 36-year-old from Granada who has already had the opportunity to live and work in England, the United States, France and Italy, among other countries, as indicated in a statement from the Grenada City Council.

On his return to Granada, this nurse, who has now turned into a foreign language teacher at the French Ministry of Education, first decided to create a union joined by players of different nationalities, and seeing this success, a football club with four other people who today have a big team in the official competition .

CF Internacional is a “no limits” club with players from Spain, England, Scotland, Peru, Bolivia, France, Portugal, Ecuador and the United States included.

Jose Antonio Huertas affirmed that “sporting values ​​such as equality, solidarity, respect and modesty are the pillars on which the Granada Internationale de Granada is based to support the development of women’s football, the integration of the national and international community into society and culture, and, moreover, the promotion of language learning in a new and alternative way.”

The team fights with the first third Andalusian player and has 25 players, although the club has a mixed international fan team of 240 people.

For the next season, CF Internacional de Granada is studying the possibility of putting another small team and coach into competition. This team uses municipal sports facilities for their training sessions and competitive matches. In this way, the Sports Department of Granada City Council “supports women’s sport and equality.”

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