Lopez Obrador on Trump: “He’s a good person and I respect him”

Lopez Obrador on Trump: “He’s a good person and I respect him”

Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorpresident Mexicoconfirmed that the former US President Donald Trumpfrom yesterday He announced that he would run for the presidency of your country in 2024,”A good person” and whom I respect.

At the morning conference The National PalaceAnd the Lopez Obrador He pointed to the words dedicated to him trump When he announced his intention to compete again for the presidency United State.

he said that? He’s a capitalist, not perfect, but he’s a good person and I respect him.”

Former President of the United States Donald TrumpThe 76-year-old confirmed this Tuesday that he aspires to run for the 2024 presidential elections, thus opening the race for the Republican nomination, as two other potential candidates loom on the horizon, Ron DeSantis and Mike Pencehis former allies.

In his message, which he made in his mansion in Florida sea ​​lake The former US president confirmed that the success he achieved on the border was due to his cooperation with the president Lopez Obradorwhich made available 28 thousand soldiers to detain immigrants.

“The reasons for our success on the border were two things: we got Mexico to give us 28,000 soldiers for free. (…) while we were building the wall, and then, when it was finished, that’s how we set all those records,” he said.

By the way, the President of Mexico is a gentleman. My subscription, but that’s okay, you can’t have everything,” he jokes.

Trump’s announcement comes at a time when he is not quite the political star he once was and is in trouble with the law and Congress.

In the speech, which lasted more than an hour in front of his family and a large group of guests, Trump focused on presenting himself as the candidate who can save the United States from disaster and restore the “glory” lost after his presidency. (2017-2021).

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