Luck teams up with a woman from the United States, and she won the lottery twice in the same day


win the First prize from the lottery It’s a fact that very few people have done reality during his life. The vast majority of Hobby They can play tirelessly every week, and despite their efforts, they can’t touch the happiness of playing Jackpot win.

Winning the lottery is a fact that very few people manage to make a reality.

Only the opposite is what happened to Women from United State. As if touched before magical stickThe woman managed to win it lottery doubling in the same day. As reported by El . media Miami HeraldThe total prize is four million dollars.

The woman bought two tickets with identical numbers

American from Boca Raton, Southeast FloridaI decided to buy two tickets with the same lottery numbers Mega Millions last September 14. Luck decided to completely ally with these numbers, which were 4, 13, 19, 63, 64.


Winning two lottery prizes on the same day is unprecedented.


in this way, Susan Fitton, 64 years old, from getting a sum two million dollars per ticket. By having the same numbers, luck brought him neither more nor less than Four million dollars. practically true inaudible In the world of lotteries.

The prize could have been higher

Although you can’t ask for more luck, it could have been the prize greatest If you can match the sixth digit of the ticket, it is called Mega Bowl. If he had done that, it would have been in his pockets 34 million dollars In its next version.

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An American woman bought lottery tickets in a Boca Raton tradeSix days later, he returned to claim his prize. The store was also agile, as it would require $10,000 commission for their selling the winning numbers, the media reported. Can you have more luck?

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