Luis Nava advocates for the health and well-being of Queritanos

Luis Nava advocates for the health and well-being of Queritanos

In the framework of the second regular meeting of the Network of Health Municipalities, the Mayor of Queretaro, Luis Nava: In his capacity as the President of this Network, he invited the mayors and those responsible for regional health policy; To purchase procedures that benefit the health of the population.

Suggest the dignity of public spaces and the certification of environments and communities as health promoters.

“Queretaro Municipal Network for Health; I take responsibility for his presidency, and he seeks to strengthen strategies so that municipalities, together with the participation of the organized community, can implement actions that promote the health and well-being of all Queretanos,” said Luis Nava.

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based in the municipality of Landa de Matamoros and in the presence of the Minister of Health of Queretaro, Martina Pérez Rendón; They also presented advances in municipalities joining the global network of Older-Friendly Cities and Communities; As well as the state that maintains the certification process such as municipalities, communities or health-promoting environments.

Regarding the municipality’s programs and initiatives, Toliman Municipality’s Sustainable Development Coordinator; José Alfredo Conde, Ecological Agriculture Strategy for the Prevention of Overweight and Obesity.

In addition to establishing a nodal health center in coordination with the municipality of Caderita de Montes.

The municipality of Heimelbahn has identified lines of action for mental health care.

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