Macy Gray requests that the US flag be changed on Juneteenth


United States President Joe Biden declared June 19th this week a public holiday التاسع Something that was celebrated across the country. Following this feat, R&B singer and multiple Grammy Award winner Missy Gray proposed changing the country’s flag to one that represents everyone.

In an opinion piece published by MarketWatch celebrating June 19, a federal holiday recognizing the end of slavery In Our Nation, Gray argued that while the Confederate battle flag, “made as a symbol of opposition to abolition,” may be unavailable these days, the stars and stripes effectively fill the void.

However, He noted that the flag was a visible symbol of the rebels who stormed the United States Capitol on January 6. The African American addressed President Biden and Kamala Harris and Congress, denouncing that the current flag “no longer represents democracy and freedom.”

The popular artist also delved into the semiotics of stars and stripes. Regarding the stars, he wrote, “there are 50, where there should be 52” because “the capital and Puerto Rico have been pushing for recognition as countries for decades.”

White stripes, on the other hand, “represent purity and innocence,” he wrote, citing the Smithsonian Institution. “America is great. It’s cute. Pure, isn’t it,” Gray noted in the article.

Gray’s suggestion

However, There was not only criticism of Gray, but also a suggestion of what the flag that represents each person in America might look like. The singer noted that “the new flag could have 52 stars of different colors (“the color of your skin and the color of my skin”), white stripes, a blue square representing perseverance and red stripes for courage because “the United States is all of those things.”

Throughout American history, there have been 27 different versions The North American flag was last adopted on July 4, 1960.

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