Main Ugandan opposition leader arrested at a demonstration to demand the release of his followers


Madrid, March 15 (Europe Press) –

The main Ugandan opposition leader, Robert Kyagulani, was arrested on Monday during a demonstration in the capital, Kampala, to demand the release of hundreds of his detained followers after the January presidential election, which incumbent President Yoweri Museveni won.

“Bobby Wayne was arrested while leading parliamentarians and other leaders in a peaceful protest against the kidnapping, torture and killing of his followers,” said the opponent’s account manager on Twitter, known as Bobby Wayne.

The opposition condemned the arrest of hundreds of his followers as a result of the presidential elections, in which he denounced fraud and confirmed that he was the one who won the elections, which he repeated last week despite the withdrawal of the appeal. Imposed for the results before the Supreme Court.

For his part, Museveni confirmed on March 8 that the Special Forces had arrested 51 people whom it considered “criminals” and that the opposition described them as “disappeared”, noting that these “disappearances” were the result of “acts of betrayal by. Opposition members.”

“Anyone who talks about mistakes by the security forces will be deceiving if he does not talk about the root of the problem: the opposition’s use of betrayal and terror,” he said in a message posted on the Ugandan presidential website.

Uganda’s political crisis was exacerbated by complaints of election fraud by Bobby Wayne, who presented himself as the main contender for Museveni, who had led the country since 1986 and secured a sixth term after a series of constitutional amendments so that he could go to the polls.

The elections took place in a particularly tense context due to the increasing repression against the opposition and the killing of more than 50 people in November due to the action of security forces against protesters after Kyagolani was arrested during an election event.

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