Many nations fought Tesla: Samuel García Grupo Milenio

Many nations fought Tesla: Samuel García Grupo Milenio

he Governor of Nuevo Leon Samuel Garcia SepulvedaAnd Note that plant Tesla It would be an ESI and consider it a ‘tailor-made suit’, as the entity needs a company of this caliber.

In an interview with Pedro Gamboa for Millennium the television, The head of state noted that the arrival Elon Musk It’s good news, as several nations have battled it.

“This plant has been fought by many countries, China, Germany, France, Brazil, CanadaAnd that they have chosen Mexico, specifically Nuevo León, that is good news for all Mexicans, and for Nuevo León it will undoubtedly be a record-breaker in all economic fields one can study,” said the governor as I moved to the airport to fly to Austin, Texas.

“Tesla is synonymous with what we want to be in Nuevo León, the state of the future, in the foreground, with a vision of electric mobility, a generator of non-polluting wealth, that attracts many benefits such as (economic) income and jobs (…) A company like Tesla was needed It is a suit specially designed for Nuevo Leon.”

Regarding the conditions for installing the plant, he noted that the greatest conditions are the people of Nuevo León.

“We have a thoughtful and hard-working community, with a qualified workforce, lots of talent, and top universities. As if that were not enough, we are close to the border and creating the necessary infrastructure, three new highways, a new customs office, three metro lines, a train and programs for social mobility,” said García Sepúlveda.

We found Tesla because of its connection to Texas: Samuel García

Explained that this story with Tesla It started a year and a half ago when he traveled to United State To get vaccines for children in the midst of an epidemic COVID-19 Thus fortifying them at the border.

“This is how we started business relations with Texas, reached agreements with the governor of that state in the United States, Greg Abbott, and introduced ourselves to its economic world. This is how we found Tesla.”

He explained that on a visit to a Giga Factory From the company they found out that a large portion of the parts they use them for United State are imported from Mexicomainly from Nuevo León, where he suggested that they put the factory in that state.

When asked what kind of incentives were offered to the electric car company, he answered Governor of Nuevo Leon He said the agreement would be announced soon.

“There, if I ask for your patience, we will remain confidential and I hope to inform you of the project, the memorandum and the agreement with the company soon,” he said.

García Sepúlveda did not reveal a start date for the plant, but confirmed that a “full accelerator” would be in place so that it could be built as quickly as possible.

“They keep projections and tell us they’re going to do the best they can at it, they have a range of cars that are ordered online, that makes us very efficient, very agile, and they’re going to count on the whole government to build the plant as quickly as possible.”

Without revealing the commitments made on water, the head of state said the details of the agreement would be released on Thursday.

“It continues in the agreement that follows in confidence. I ask for your patience and trust. It is a great project, a wonderful announcement. I have already arrived at the airport and will return on Thursday after the announcement, where all the details will be given. Pointing out that doubts abound with great pleasure.

Samuel Garcia will be present at Investors Daywhere it is intended Elon Muskthe owner of the electric vehicle manufacturer, officially announces this arrival.

What is Tesla expected to offer?

he Governor of Nuevo Leon This morning revealed that the company will be showing it on wednesday at Austin, Texas he Introducing the gigafactory The largest in the world to be installed in a municipality Saint Catharina.

“We are very happy that Elon Musk invited us to his Investor Day, which starts tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning. They already told me that tomorrow they will show what the largest giant factory in the world in Santa Catarina will look like,” he said.


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