Marcelo Ebrard: Mexico will “move forward” in the face of US allegations of T-MEC violations

Marcelo Ebrard: Mexico will “move forward” in the face of US allegations of T-MEC violations
Marcelo Ebrard promised to defend Mexico’s energy interests. (Reuters/Daniel Becerrell)

Management Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) In the midst of controversy after consulting that United States (USA) Filed against Mexico for failing to comply with the law Trade Agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC).

According to what the neighboring nation said, active policy The Mexican prevents making room for the implementation of clean energy, at the same time that distinguish US companies should prioritize the Federal Electricity Commission (palm) and Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemix).

Although not concerned in this regard, López Obrador assured that they “would not stay with their arms” and would prove that they would not suffer any violation of the treaty. the task that Marcelo EbrardMinister of Foreign Affairs (SRE), I mentioned that it has already started.

Preparing to defend the interests of Mexico. (…) We will move forward,” he wrote on his Twitter account. Twitteraccompanied by a section with a panoramic view of northern Mexico City (CDMX) – place of dependency.

Mexico’s foreign minister announced that SRE is already preparing US review inquiries on T-MEC

in summary sectionbarely 40 seconds long, the Mexican foreign minister reported that the government of Mexico had started Team organization Responsible for attending and analyzing a US claim; This, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy (I know).

“We will be prepared and we will defend our arguments.”

The receipt of the complaint was confirmed by the Special Envoy himself, on 20 July; Mark the beginning of a period 75 days The countries involved (the United States and Mexico) must resolve the dispute. If no agreement is reached, the matter goes to international organizations.

But on the same day, Canada has announced that it will join the dispute to the government headed by Joe Biden, though he made it clear that he would send his own inquiries: “We agree that these policies are inconsistent with Mexico’s obligations under the law of the United States of America, Mexico and Canada.”A spokeswoman for the Secretary of International Trade.

The President emphasized that Mexico had the tools to deny the T-MEC violation.  (Photo: Reuters/Henry Romero)
The President emphasized that Mexico had the tools to deny the T-MEC violation. (Photo: Reuters/Henry Romero)

It should be noted that the Canadian listing did not generate Andres Manuel suffering either. On the contrary, he again rejected that the resource was of an “extraordinary” nature – as critics pointed out – and pointed out that the mechanism had already been lifted on previous occasions by the three countries.

Under that content, he once again reduced the measure by referring to it as a matter No arguments. To verify this, he again turned to the meeting he had with businessmen from the United States and Canada, who, during their tour of Washington, She didn’t show any concern Regarding the topic.

I would tell them that the disagreement is not the companies. This is why I feel it is a political issue,” he emphasized in morning From July 21.

Even with his confidence, Tabascan stated that his government would make it clear that triangular trade relations could be established, but without affecting national policies. even warned that the Mexican side would respond if the agreed decisions (either by the three participants or by an international organization) implied political punishment towards your administration.

“We have elements to respond and if it is a political sanction, we will also defend ourselves. But if there is no reason, we will stay with our arms crossed. ‘Mexico is an independent country’,” he emphasized in his morning conference.

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