Mardi Gras: the origin, what it is and why it is celebrated in the United States

one of The happiest holidays in the whole United States yet to come: Mardi Gras, also known as “Fat Tuesday” or “Shrove Tuesday”.

When Americans think of Mardi Gras, Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is New Orleans, Louisiana, because “The Big Easy” usually hosts the largest and most famous Mardi Gras celebration in the entire country, But do you know its origin and why is it celebrated in the American Federation?

Mardi Gras: the origin, what it is and why it is celebrated in the United States

Mardi Gras’ roots are purely Christian. It was first celebrated in the 17th century, when it was established as The day when a whole series of carnivals and festivities that began in January were ended to make way for Ash Wednesday.

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Why is it called Shrove Tuesday / Fat Tuesday?

Celebrating Mardi Gras It is also known as ‘Honorable Tuesday’, which means confession day in Spanish, due to its proximity to the aforementioned holy day, What period Six weeks of Atonement before Easter, which is why it is also called “Fat Tuesday”.

Considering that Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent, People tend to eat as much fat as possible before they have to move away from it some foods. Hence the name “Fat Tuesday”.

What is the relationship between Fat Tuesday and National Pie Day?

curiously, Fat Tuesday ended with the launch of National Pancake Day.

Eat as much fat as possible before Lent It brought with it a significant increase in pancake breakfasts, which led to National Pancake Day.

Because pancakes are a tradition on this day, Various food chains, such as IHOP, often join in the celebration by giving up or slashing pancakes on this day.

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