Maria Torres and Damian Quintero, silver at the World Games

Maria Torres and Damian Quintero, silver at the World Games

The world games It is the alternative event that periodically brings together the best specialists in non-Olympic sports. in Birmingham (Alabama, United States) edition 2022 Karate was included there, once he was excluded from Toys After appearing in Tokio ’20 in a fleeting fashion. And great balance on the tatami for the Malaga trip. Two silver medals for Maria Torres and Damian Quintero.

World champion from Malaga, Marie Torres, also shone on American soil. He was awarded the silver medal adorning a growing list of winners. Kazakh Sofia Peroltseva, the Olympic medalist in Tokyo, was the winner of the +68 kg category after defeating Malaga in the final 7-1. Torres completed a perfect tournament, won his group and reached the semi-finals, where he also had the power. He couldn’t do the same in the final against an opponent who was better than him, but another medal went to Malaga and National Karate.

“The silver is coming to Spain. It can’t be gold, I’m even living a dream of a final at the World Games. I’m going to get more. Thanks for the support,” Malaga said through networks with the photo of the silver medal obtained in the US.

He also won a silver medal Damian Quintero Specializing in kata. Japanese Kazumasa Moto He managed to win by 26.6 to 26.2 in the final, which Quintero easily reached. He was the favourite, but the judges decided the kata “Gunkaku” prepared by the Japanese. In a veiled fashion, Quintero lamented punctuation. “There are factors that cannot be controlled … However, another medal will come for Spain,” he emphasized. “Silverman”, the Silver Man, was called the man from Malaga with a certain irony, which does not preclude the greatness of his record. At 38, he’s still at his best.

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