What we didn’t see in the Atlas Championship twice in Liga MX

What we didn’t see in the Atlas Championship twice in Liga MX

¡atlas He’s a two-time Liga MX champion! With a Julio Verch penalty kick and pressure from Pachuca seeking a comeback at any cost, the Red and Black team are living a dream they don’t want to wake up from. But apart from the story of the three-time champion in Mexico, the second leg had a little bit of everything off the field.

What we didn’t see in the Atlas Championship twice

The party at the Pachuca Reception

In the final match, any factor could influence the team’s favour, and the fans played their part in Bella Airosa. When Pachuca arrived home to confront Atlas and search for a comeback, a real party was waiting for them around the stadium.

With chants, musical instruments, flags and more, the blue and white fans created a great atmosphere worthy of a match of this caliber.

Intimate dressing room

Preparation and focus for the teams that play the final start from the locker room. Every player or coach has their own routine or beliefs, but it’s also as a whole There are details that guide the soul. Atlas residents are decorated to make their campus feel at home and we found other details.

Most footballers are very religious, so it is important that they have a special place for prayer. Rosaries, the Bible, and some personalities They looked like this to accompany the protagonists.

Atlas drones and the ecstasy of

The weather in Guadalajara in support of the Atlas

Despite the fact that red and black fans filled a header in Hidalgo, there were thousands of people who were unable to travel or get a ticket. However, this was not a hindrance to support their own. Thousands upon thousands of Atlas followers Met in Glorieta de los Ninos Heroes I dream of celebrating a double championship.

Tuzos’ affection with Hirving Lozano

Although the presence of “Chucky” Lozano was more than obvious, it is impossible not to talk about it. The former Pachuca player has been in Mexico since the semi-final match against America and now has not only supported Atlas but has also been responsible for carrying the trophy in the Liga MX protocol.

Some time before his appearance on the court, Hirving was greeted with great affection by fans who saw him grow up. Between applause, pictures and messages of encouragement, the Napoli player went home again.

Atlas drones and the ecstasy of

Drones to support the Atlas that surprised Hidalgo

Pachuca’s run against the Atlas had its own run… from above. Several drones made a presentation on HidalgoAnd the formation of the red and black team shield. The phrase “Cr3amos” also appeared in reference to the club’s possible third title.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, something similar has happened before in Akron Stadium.

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