Marin claims “irresponsibility to risk the fourth wave” with moving between provinces on Easter


Seville, 18 (Europe Press)

Vice-President of the Military Council in Andalusia and Minister of Tourism, Reform, Justice and Local Administration, Juan Marin, considered on Thursday that the Andalusian government had ignored the recommendations of the so-called Committee of Experts that advise the Andalusian government in the face of the coronavirus epidemic, so this Wednesday it excluded movement between provinces on Easter “We cannot risk a fourth wave and the collapse of the health system,” he said.

In an interview with La Sexta’s ‘Más Vale Tarde’ program, compiled by Europa Press, he was asked about the disappearance of a new type of Coronavirus discovered in Uganda as a drive by the Andalusian government to limit the movement of the Andalusian population, and Marin indicated that “there are some cases” Immediately, let’s say, “Our concern is 1,200 people in the hospital, with nearly 300 in the intensive care unit.”

Marin referred to facilitating movement between the Andalusian provinces, “this is what we had hoped for,” before using “scientific reports” as decisive factors in the decision of the Andalusian government.

The Vice Chairman and the Chancellor transferred the increase in working hours, such as lifting the so-called curfew from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm, and thus the bars may remain open until 10:30 pm, to point out that “since We started with the Coronavirus, we tried to save lives and then make it compatible with productive activity. “

“Life is priceless,” Marin said, before resorting to “responsibility and risk” in making decisions about economic activity, “although some don’t understand it.”

On Wednesday, the Andalusian government decided to keep the inter-provincial movement closed for another three weeks, including Holy Week, and to postpone the start of the curfew at 11:00 pm, and at 10:30 pm to close the hospitality business. And commercial.

The approved decisions are valid for three weeks, from Friday, March 19 to April 9, as Chairman Joanma Moreno announced in a public appearance after chairing Wednesday an advisory board meeting on high-impact alerts. Public Health (Expert Committee).

Restrictions regarding people meetings are maintained, i.e. a maximum of six people outside and four people inside catering companies.

Andalusia will continue to maintain the closure of inter-provincial mobility for the next three weeks, along with the closure of the periphery of the autonomous community in accordance with the decision made by the Interregional Health Council.

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