Mario Marine will be banned from entering the United States

Mario Marine will be banned from entering the United States

United State Issuance of fines and Banning of visas To officials, former officials and government agencies of nine countries – including China, Myanmar and Russia – as part of coordinated actions with Canada and Great Britain to synchronize with International Human Rights Day.

Among those who were punished is mario marin, Ex-governor of Puebla, who was arrested in February on charges of torture.

He is the only Western Hemisphere official mentioned in the procedures set by the US authorities.

Canada and Britain have joined the United States in the latest series of actions aimed at vetoing Myanmar’s military authorities from the global financial system, in response to the February 1 coup that toppled the elected government.

US authorities issued simultaneously Financial penalties and bans to grant visas against a wide range of officials and entities around the world, including Chinese authorities involved in the crackdown on Uighurs and other ethnic minorities, and the Russian university that helps North Korea raise money through an abusive program to work abroad.

“We are determined to put human rights at the center of our foreign policy, and we reaffirm this commitment by using all appropriate tools and powers to attract attention and promote accountability for human rights abuses, no matter where they occur,” the Secretary of State said. Anthony Blinken when the sanctions were announced.

The State Department’s action makes 12 officials and former officials from six countries — Uganda, China, Belarus, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Mexico — ineligible, along with their families, to travel to the United States, under a law authorizing the visa ban. For people implicated in “gross violations of human rights or massive corruption.”

In another set of measures, the Treasury Department imposed financial sanctions and other restrictions on 15 individuals and 10 entities from China, Myanmar, Russia, North Korea and Bangladesh.

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