Marketing guru claims she co-founded Pinterest (and claims its share)

Marketing guru claims she co-founded Pinterest (and claims its share)
  • Kristen Martinez asserts that she devised the marketing plan that promoted the photo app in its early days.

  • Pinterest denies this, and asks Justice to dismiss the lawsuit.

  • Pinterest’s defense judge has ruled out and the case will go to trial.

Marketing expert Kristen Martinez has been trying for more than three years to make the social network Pinterest realize that it was part of the platform’s genesis.

This week, he took a big step in this direction, after a US judge (Richard Seybolt) rejected an application by the social network’s lawyers to dismiss the lawsuit.

Martínez maintains that it was part of the marketing plan that promoted the app in its early days, and that he never got a return on it.

In this way, Pinterest will go to trial and both parties will have to prove the truth of what they say, as published Bloomberg.

They sue Pinterest

The story started like many others in the world of business and startups. The plaintiff was a friend of Pinterest’s co-founder and current CEO, Ben Silberman.

Martínez confirms that Silbermann asked him for help growing the platform in its early days. According to the woman, he created the main Pinterest tools and also developed a marketing strategy to recruit bloggers.

Although Martinez’s claim is older, he formally filed a lawsuit on the platform in late August 2021, and Pinterest filed for dismissal in December of last year.

The social network’s argument is that the claim is too far in time and, therefore, is no longer covered by legal statutes.

Martinez vs Pinterest: She wasn’t an employee and there was no contract

Judge Siebault, in his ruling, says Martinez has sufficient arguments to support the lawsuit.

As for the authority, when Pinterest began trading on Wall Street in 2019, it “closed the obligation to pay the plaintiff’s compensation,” and it did not.

According to an article in The New York Times, first relating to the woman’s lawsuit, Martinez has never been a formal employee of the platform, and has never had a written contract with the company.

The woman deplores that since she was a friend of the current CEO, the association was implied.

To verify this, he asserts that he has provided evidence confirming this. Among them, conversations with Silberman and Paul Ciara, co-founder of Pinterest.

Pinterest users in Latin America. In the millions. Statistics.

What Pinterest says about the demand for a marketing expert

Martínez is also the co-founder of an e-commerce start-up and has been a blogger in the past.

like he said The New York TimesThe founders of Pinterest knew nothing of marketing creating products and services to women, and she was instrumental in helping develop the app.

“When the facts emerge, we are confident that the evidence confirms that the plaintiff’s claim is unfounded and that her allegations should be dismissed,” Pinterest said at the time.

Focusing on ideas and design, Pinterest launched in late 2009 and currently has over 430 million monthly active users.

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