Tornadoes in the Netherlands: videos and photos, at least one person reported dead

Social network users And local media broadcast videos and pictures Cyclone Which surprised the southern coastal city of Zierikzee Dutchcausing several material damages and at least one deadAccording to the authorities.

The CycloneSouth DutchAnd the The country that asked to be called the Netherlandson Monday, June 27, plus a deadLeaving at least 10 injured: “The emergency services are still working hard to get the full scale in sight,” media Zeeland Veilig said.

At least once dead by Cyclone in the Netherlands

  • photo Cyclone In Zierikzee widely on social media
  • Hurricanes are rare in Dutchbut is more common in the summer months

These winds traversed the country at a speed of 75 kilometers per hour (km/h), the Royal Meteorological Institute (KNMI) said.

The turbulence led to the collapse of the roofs of four houses and the collapse of the facade of one of them. Citizen dead It was A tourist was hit by a tile on the headin the Xerekze port area, the local newspaper identified Zeeuwse Courant . County.

strong winds in Dutch

The authorities of the province of Zeeland confirmed at a press conference:

“The damage is great in several streets. In addition to the tiles and fallen trees, the roofs of four houses fell. An ambulance took one of the injured to the hospital and the others were treated at the scene.”.

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