The airline discriminates against the flight attendant because of her weight; Get a job at Flybondi

The airline discriminates against the flight attendant because of her weight;  Get a job at Flybondi

Josephine Macchithe 25-year-old Argentinian woman who denounced discrimination in her search for work for cabin crew in Fly Emirates In his country he got a job at low cost Fly Bondias announced on his account Twitter.

“The last day of training flights and I took this photo with my dream coming true. Cabin crew, now yes. Thank you for supporting me,” he said.

in conversation with Nation, Macchi explained that he sent a resume to Flybondi after the failed interview with Emirates Airlines and had to go through several filters. “First of all, they asked me to send in a video and then I did a second interview in the company, where we did role-playing exercises. After that, I did another one-on-one interview, I stayed and re-checked the cabin crew course topics. Finally, there were 10 guided flights and the signing of the contract” , confirmed.

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He said the experience had nothing to do with previous experience. Flybondi noted that they gave her the position because it was a good fit and not because of media coverage of her case.

The situation that Machi experienced spread in mid-April, when the young woman turned her experience into a group interview for Emirates Airlines on Twitter.

As she said, they did not allow her to pass the first stage even though she did well in the English part. For this reason, she consulted with a recruiter about the reasons for not coming forward and the person told her “honestly, you need to lose weight” (honestly, you need to lose weight), reportedly.

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Then compliments came from her: “You are very beautiful, you have a very good level of English, but you need to. You have to wait 6 months and blabla. Oh, and please don’t comment that I told you this because it doesn’t speak well of the company,” tweeted Machi who was told by the recruiter.

“He doesn’t speak well of the company. That’s all he cares about.”

Middle East Airlines said at the time that it was “extremely concerned about the alleged incident” and was investigating it. “In Argentina, we work with an offshore partner company to support our cabin crew recruitment needs,” they explained.

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On the other hand, they added that around the world they have “clear expectations” for all of their recruitment partners and expect them to demonstrate “the highest levels of competence and professionalism”.

Machi said Emirates never apologized to her for what happened, although she made it clear that it would assess the position of the recruitment company. The woman who explained her weight idea no longer appears on the company page.

The Emirates website lists the requirements and qualities they are looking for for the position of cabin crew: be at least 21 years old, be 212cm tall while standing on tiptoe, have a minimum height of 1.60cm, have finished high school, to be fluent in English (written and spoken), have no visible tattoos, are able to adapt to new people, places and situations; And to be physically fit for this challenging role with a healthy BMI.

Additionally, cabin crew members must be determined to always perform well and be able to manage a fairly demanding work schedule. Finally, they must be culturally aware, professional, empathetic, progressive, visionary, and cosmopolitan.

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