Matt Schump, one of President Joe Biden’s dogs

Biden has revived the old tradition of the presidential mascot that broke with former President Donald Trump. | Photo: AFP

a heroAnd the One of Joe Biden’s family dogs has diedAnd the The President of the United States announced, Saturday, that the German Shepherd has been described as “a beloved and enduring company for the past 13 years.”

How did the hero of the German pastor Biden died?

Biden revived the old tradition of the presidential mascot who broke up with former President Donald Trump, And they arrived at the White House with German Shepherdss hero y pioneer.

a hero he died peace at home” Biden It is a statement. “We will miss him forever.”

Major, the other dog in the Biden family

“Champ died peacefully at home,” Biden said in a statement. | Photo: AFP

Another major German Shepherd for Biden, He had trouble adjusting to the White House.

In March, he was taken for a few days to a house family Biden in Delaware following a biting incident and in April they underwent “extra training,” the first lady’s spokesperson said.

Biden attributed Major’s non-presidential behavior to his often unexpected encounters with Secret Service agents. In any corner of the White House complex.

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