Castro’s ex-political prisoners, leaders in exile and Latin American leaders have described in detail the crimes against humanity committed by the Cuban regime

In the photo, the commander of the Democratic Directorate of Cuba, Orlando Gutierrez. EFE / Giorgio Vieira / Archive

This Saturday, the Miami City Council hosted the “Cuba Criminal Regime Review” conference, where the “crimes against humanity” of the Cuban regime and the intervention of exile leaders, Latin American leaders and former political prisoners on the island were analyzed.

Conference organized تم The International Commission for Justice in Cuba and the Freedom Front in the Western Hemisphere, It was formed last March and is made up of politicians, NGOs, former diplomats and academics from fifteen Latin American countries.

Orlando Gutierrez, President of the Cuban Democratic Directorate in Exile, confirmed at the conclusion of the event that The main achievement of this meeting was that recognition of the right of the Cuban people to “represent them in their struggle for freedom” was achieved as a “legal instrument”.

“The Cuban Justice Committee and the Hemisphere Front for Freedom have requested the parliaments of the free world to recognize the Congress of the Cuban Nation and the Cuban Resistance Council as the legitimate representatives of the Cuban people,” he said.

received the effort Support for former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, During the conference, he showed in a video his “admiration for the heroism and perseverance” of the Cuban exile in the struggle for democracy in his country.

He was the person responsible for making way for the various testimonies that were given at the conference Luis Zuniga, who spent 19 years in Cuban prisons and lived in exile in the United States for nearly 30 years.

Artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara was arbitrarily arrested and held incommunicado in a hospital of the Cuban regime.
Artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara was arbitrarily arrested and held incommunicado in a hospital of the Cuban regime.

One of these testimonies was the testimony of Orlando Fonseca, founder of the platform “Despierta Angola”, who denounced that the military intervention of Cuba in this country caused the “worst massacre” of this African country and one of the most serious massacres in the modern history of humanity. . “Angola has lost its true independence and democracy because of the intervention in Cuba, which has left tens of thousands of people dead who we hope will one day get justice,” the human rights activist said.

Berta Antunes, the activist and sister of former political prisoner Jorge Luis Garcia Perez, better known as Antunes, presented the case of Michael Diaz-Baseiro, who was released from prison a few weeks ago after three years in prison.. Diaz Passero showed in a video his willingness to continue the fight despite the “torture” he was subjected to during his time in prison and the alleged attacks on his personal home and family by the Cuban regime, and urged the islanders to go on a “national strike” to confront the Havana government.

Journalist Gillette Fraguela also intervened, who highlighted the case of her Cuban DNA partner Esteban Rodriguez and artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, who, she said, were victims of arbitrary arrests and abuses by the Cuban government..

Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez.  EFE / Giorgio Vieira / Archive
Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez. EFE / Giorgio Vieira / Archive

“The head of the snake in our hemisphere is Cuba, and we can, God willing, confront and defeat this snake, because what the people of our country are suffering from is due to an ideology that is the most heinous deceit in humanity,” he said. Francis Suarez, mayor of Miami, at the event announcement.

Many political figures from the continent will participate in the conference, such as the representative of Costa Rica Dragos DolanescuHe is also the head of the party Costa Rica Exhibition The Secretary General of Western Hemisphere Front for Freedom. They are also joining the event Ricardo Godoyvice El Salvador Legislative Assembly of the Arena; Dominican congressman Elijah Wesen, From Christian Democratic Party Quisqueyano; Lawyer Rene Beaulieu, President Mexican Human Rights Commission And the International Commission for Justice Cuba, e Hipolito Ramirez, President Dominican Democratic Council.

There is a serious problem in Latin America, where the totalitarian communist regimes support change towards evil in many of our countries, they attack our freedom and our democracy in every possible way.said the mexican Beaulieu. “So, if they are doing it in an orderly and coordinated way, we must respond by telling the truth and condemning what is happening.“he added.

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