Medical and university students create a control table


Luciana Nejifor, President of CEEM.

the State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) y Ministry of Universities They have created a working group to evaluate the offered medical jobs. In addition, this new table will also appreciate Opening of new colleges The Faculty of Medicine and the admission of students there medical certificate. This was announced by the new Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, which explained the motives and projects that were planned for this new period.

As shown Jesus IndicuberyVice-President of the Regional Organization for Central and Eastern Europe, the Council conveyed to the ministerial body the “existing problem” regarding the offer of places in medicine. They also emphasized the need to work together Share data, studies and ideas to address this issue. “We want to be there Correct fit Between the number of students attending colleges and the number applying for specialized health training, Andikupiri explained, adding that there is currently a “big mismatch.”

On the other hand, the council announced that it held a meeting with the Ministry of Health to convey a set of proposals and claims. “We have sat down at the table, above all, so that they can count on us for everything related to the students. In addition, we have raised a series of doubts that arise with Digital Transformation of the Environmental and Social Framework (ESF)Andicoberry qualified.

Alternative for MIR-positive applicants

In this regard, as I mentioned medical writingAnd the professional painter closed the door on Wednesday to the possibility of implementing a Real-time MIR place selection and award process, in face-to-face format and Online. In addition, health expressed it It will not offer any alternatives to Covid-19 positive applicants Who cannot attend the MIR 2022 exam which will be held on January 29th. A controversial decision in which the students also spoke at the press conference held at the headquarters of the General Council of Medical Societies of Spain.

CEEM considers that, to suggest a second screening date for those persons who were unable to attend due to illness, It will not guarantee the principle of equal opportunityHowever, the board defends that the candidates are demanding a plan that ensures that the positives are checked at the same time as the rest “so as not to put the efforts they put in for a year.”

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