Medical illustrations that make medicine more comprehensive

Medical illustrations that make medicine more comprehensive

Medical textbooks are designed and produced by light-skinned people, so representation of sub-Saharan or non-light-skinned people is biased in medical students’ textbooks and their supporting evidence.

Through his Twitter account, Chidiebere Ibe has shared pregnancy photos of an African woman and her baby.

“I am black and black is beautiful! Diversity in medical illustration. More of this should be encouraged!” mentioned in his post.

Ibe spoke in various interviews about his initiative and the reasons for promoting these illustrations. “The pictures were a voice speaking for the black population, so I understood that these graphics meant so much more than just supporting medicine, Suddenly I realized that these photos also have a purposeHe told German television. Dr...

Transformed from Painter to Activist

The cartoonist notes a statistic of people being misdiagnosed due to a lack of representation in medical textbooks.

“In the case of the rash, it appears differently in light skin than in dark skin, which has led to a misdiagnosis due to the lack of specific knowledge of these conditions,” said Ibe.

Although his work has received a lot of support, Ibe’s dream is to be able to disseminate health information in a more comprehensive way that includes black people.

Developed a fundraising campaign through Go Fund Me To gather the resources and ability to promote the creation of these educational materials.

So far he has raised 30 thousand 475 pounds (838 thousand 221 Mexican pesos), his goal was to reach 21 thousand 400 US dollars, and he is currently raising 40 thousand 617 dollars.

Initially, his plan was to study at the Medical University of Kyiv, Ukraine, however, he is still in his native Nigeria where he is making important changes in the medical and academic community of the African nation.

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