Medical students make an important donation by playing to Radio Teletón – El Sol de Parral

The Faculty of Medicine is on Radio Teletón Parralense; In advance, medical students, coordinated by the Students’ Association, invited the faculty community to join in the social work.

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With great enthusiasm, the representation of the students accompanied by the directors of the Faculty of Medicine made an important contribution from the new games for the organization of the Parralense Radio Telethon, “in search of a smile”.

In advance, the medical students, in coordination with the Students’ Association, invited the faculty community to join the social work, which is creating little by little gifts for the children of Paral and which also covers the mountain area.

The coordinator of the Faculty of Medicine, Fernando Francisco Mora Domínguez, thanked the coordinators of Teletón Radio for their work of solidarity and support for vulnerable families.

Likewise, he noted that it was the students who carried out every activity to develop the value of solidarity, as part of the training that future doctors receive in our city.

The following deliveries will be made next Tuesday, December 6, Cobach 12 at 10:00 a.m. and Thursday 8, Ramón López Velarde High School, at 12:00 p.m.

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It is worth noting that the University of Upnech has joined Radio Teletón Parralense, as the National Pedagogical University of the State of Chihuahua has joined the Committee of the 25 educational institutions that participate in the 29th edition of Radio Teletón “In search of a smile”.

Antonio Herrera Hernandez and the Cáritas Parral group came to collect this important support in games and sweets, collected by the students and faculty of this university.

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