Meet Edgar Angulo, who will travel to the Dominican Republic to represent El Salvador at Mister Model International


The 22-year-old continues to prepare himself both physically and intellectually to best represent El Salvador in the men’s international competition.

After a harsh year of the epidemic, beauty contests gradually began, bringing together delegates from different countries of the world in one place, who arrived with a desire to take the title of the most beautiful woman in the world.

However, not only beauty pageants took the first step, but also male beauty pageants, bringing together men from different cultures on the planet.

This time, Reinado de El Salvador announced, through its social networks, that Mr. Model El Salvador, Edgar Angulo, already has a place and a date to represent the country at the Mister Model International event.

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The Salvadoran youth, who on November 2, 2020 won the title Mister Model El Salvador 2021, continued to prepare to bear the name “Thumbelina of Central America”.

The international event will take place in Punta Arena, Dominican Republic, on October 9 this year, and like him, the Hispanic Queen of El Salvador will also travel to Bolivia, Tiffany Catuta, on October 30 and Nostra Latin America Universal El Salvador 2020, Gabriela Acevedo, will compete on October 8 .

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For his part, Angulo proved that he is a talented young man, after saying that he has his own food business and is a fan of gastronomy.

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