Mental health and emotional well-being of new generations

Mental health and emotional well-being of new generations

About 27% of children in Mexico showed signs of sadness or discouragement in March 2021, according to the Encovid-19 Infancia study, conducted by the University of Iberoamericana and UNICEF.

That is, a person of emotional intelligence is confident in his abilities and maintains satisfactory relationships with others, always appropriately communicating what he thinks and feels while being considerate of other people’s feelings and feelings. He has high self-esteem, is motivated to face challenges and has sufficient resources to resolve conflicts.

To support the healthy emotional development of children, Mexican company Distroller and Mexican digital platform It’s Okay have joined forces to promote the emotional well-being and mental health of children, through actions that seek to reflect the importance of building self-confidence.

Together, various initiatives will be developed to raise awareness among the general public, parents and children, with the help of characters from the Chamoy and Amiguis de Distroller line that foster bonds of friendship, self-esteem and inclusion.

All materials available from this alliance will be shared on Distroller and It’s Okay social networks and portals, as an invitation to explain to the minors the importance of identifying feelings and, above all, experiencing them in order to manage them intelligently.

From the hands of expert, creative, and connected psychologists from It’s Okay They will share helpful recommendations for educating parents with tools and information in order to promote the emotional health of their children, as well as to promote information for positive parenting.

“As a Mexican company that encourages free play and children’s imagination, it is a priority for Distroller to visualize the importance of their emotional well-being, as a factor of their holistic development. We are excited to join the effort with it’s good to achieve greater breadth for this, and above all our personalities contribute to Generate more knowledge on topics such as recognizing and managing emotions intelligently.”

“At It’s Okay, we are very excited about creating an emotional wellbeing platform where we can provide tools to more families in the easiest and most accessible way. Our drive is to normalize mental and emotional health issues in new generations and teach them that it is okay to feel good, and that it is okay to feel We are proud to form an alliance with a company like Distroller that is always looking for new ways to influence and leave a mark on people,” said Virginia Lopez, founder of It’s Okay.

The line of Chamoy and Amiguis shares stories of different characters with different tastes, but at the same time, keeps them united in their adventures. Their main phrase focuses on the fact that beauty is difference and that their personalities seek to reflect that in differing tastes there must be respect and authenticity.

Teaching children to recognize and manage emotions allows them to increase the awareness of being in control of those that occur to them, which is essential for the proper development of their self-esteem and self-concept. Sharing feelings with others is essential to the social development of our children. People with adequate frustration tolerance maintain more satisfying social relationships.

This alliance will include a series of actions, activities and communication messages that will be visible through the brand’s social networks, as well as all the information and networks of the It’s Okay initiative.

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