Mexican Society of Emergency Medicine and Medical Prevention signs alliance to provide legal protection for doctors –

Mexican Society of Emergency Medicine and Medical Prevention signs alliance to provide legal protection for doctors – . – Within the framework of the International Conference on Emergency Medicine and Resuscitation, where more than 1300 emergency physicians met, Mexican Society of Emergency Medicine (SMME), They signed an agreement with the legal firm Blindaje Médico with the aim of joining forces, ensuring legal protection for doctors while advancing their practice in an ethical manner and, if necessary, they can protect themselves from unfair lawsuits.

According to the president of SMME, Dr. Luis Daniel Sanchez Areola, Legal cases against emergency department physicians have increased dramatically in the past two years. “Due to factors such as overcrowding in emergency rooms and changes in the dynamics of medical care due to the epidemic due to covid-19, Today in Mexico there is a 20% to 30% increase in lawsuits against physicians working in critical areas at the national level, compared to what we faced before.”

In this context, the signing of an agreement with Medical Shield, a law firm made up of lawyers, experts, criminologists and strategists who understand the legal obligations of physicians, aims to strengthen and support legal protection, especially for emergency medicine medical professionals, and advise them on how to act within the framework Legal and moral in the face of any accusation of this kind.

In addition, this agreement aims to formalize the first generation of expert physicians specializing in emergency medicine. According to Dr. Sanchez Areola “Both SMME and Medical Shielding agree that clinicians themselves should be authorized to trade in this type of legal situation, where only a physician of the same category can understand the needs and limitations of the practice.

The Criminalization of the medical act It’s a nationwide problem, it’s a sector that society so desperately demands and that no one is protecting. For this reason, the Mexican Society of Emergency Medicine continues to work on defining legal responsibilities, improving the preparation of physicians and the ability to practice an ethical medical practice focused on the interest and health of patients.

Faced with the problem and shortcomings of the current health system, emergency physicians, who constitute the first line of care, will remain the sector most vulnerable to criminalization, so defending this union focused on protecting patients’ lives has become a priority.


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