Mexicans are kicked out of a pool in the US for playing music in Spanish


Some Mexicans Security personnel kicked them out of a swimming pool in United State (USA) Because while they were enjoying the afternoon they were listening to it Music in Spanish.

The moment was recorded on Video That within a few hours spread through social networks to demand an end to racism against the Latino community in the North American country

The events took place at the Flex Fitness Center located in Hendersonville, North Carolina, when several women were at the edge of the pool listening to some music in Spanish.

The head of the Flex Fitness Center requested a security element from the Hendersonville Police Office to expel Mexican women who had left but not before expressing their disapproval.

In the video you can see a Mexican woman in a red dress denouncing discrimination and Racism They were suffering from the place manager.

“She had music in English and they don’t say anything,” said the Mexican, “but since our music was in Spanish, she (the manager), with bad behavior, broke up and took our horns and that’s not egalitarian.”

He added: I said (to the manager) I am not a business woman. You’re not smart, because we pay you. She should have come and tell us we had to turn off the music, but she didn’t give us any explanation.”

The woman claimed she was experiencing “discomfort and sadness, as she had never thought of trying something like this. But he assured that they would take the case to court to demand justice and respect for Mexicans in the United States.”

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