Mexico must improve the business climate: Jane Fraser of Citigroup


Mexico City /

Citigroup’s global director, Jane Fraser, emphasized that for Mexico to resume its economic recovery after the global crisis of 2020, It will be necessary to create an environment of greater stability, trust and cooperation Which allows to make better use of the conditions.

Opening the 29th General Meeting of Citibanamex Directors, the group’s recently appointed general manager said it would be the recovery of the United States, as well as the government’s trade and immigration policy that generates New business and investment opportunities, “although they will not be exempted from appeals.”

“To take advantage of these opportunities and successfully meet the challenges, Mexico must foster a business environment that generates greater stability, trust and cooperation, allowing it to make better use of these conditions,” he said.

Fraser added that by 2021, factors such as tax subsidies and virus vaccination campaigns, Generate a better view of the global economyHowever, the recovery will not be homogeneous.

The US and China will see a faster recovery from Europe and most emerging countries,” he said.

The Board confirmed this in relation to the business of the bank it represents Citigroup, working with Citibanamex in Mexico, has proven its resilience and support customers and communities wherever they are.


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