‘We need the US private sector to be involved’


He endorses Biden’s criticism of China over the quality of democracy but calls for dialogue about major challenges such as climate change.

NEW YORK, July 21 (From the Special Envoy for the Press for Europe, Ana Fernandez Villa) –

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Wednesday justified the exclusive economic nature of his tour in the United States, without meeting with President Joe Biden, to focus on the search for private investments from American companies that contribute to the process of recovery and transformation that started the Spanish economy in the last stage of the pandemic.

“We’re setting our own roadmap for restoring the economy and we need the involvement of the American private sector, which is why we’re here,” he said during his morning interview on MSNBC. , compiled by Europa Press, with which he began a three-day economic tour of the United States to attract investments, which will take him to New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, but not to Washington.

Sanchez was asked about the reasons for his visit and also why he did not take advantage of his offer in the United States to meet Biden, with whom he had a brief talk thus far while participating in the NATO summit. in Brussels. Last June – Their photos were reposted during the interview.

As Moncloa explained when the round was announced, Sanchez advocated the need for this round of contacts with relevant investment funds, such as Bloomberg or BlackRock, and technology companies such as Appel or HP, to try to attract investments to a forward-looking Spain. The recovery and transformation plan for the Spanish economy launched by the government.

“In Spain and Europe we are seeing momentum after the pandemic. We have European money and public investment to make our economy greener, digitize, and modernize the education system, which is why we seek to increase private investment in Spain,” he said. argued.

Trump pregnancy

Of course, the president wanted to make clear his support for Biden and his administration, and celebrated his arrival in the White House and the departure of his predecessor, Donald Trump, at the beginning of the year as “good news.”

“Facing the situation that we faced with the previous Trump administration was very difficult. Seeing the president of the United States saying that the European Union is like the enemy of the United States was a big mistake,” he said.

On the other hand, when asked about relations with China, Sanchez agreed with Biden’s position of questioning the quality of democracy and human rights compliance in the Asian country. However, I realized that it is also necessary to have a dialogue with China to address global issues such as environmental transformation.

“I think Biden is right. I think that for us, as Europeans, China is an adversary, a competitor, and also a systemic competitor in democratic values, but it’s also true that we need to talk to them about the big challenges that we face have he emphasized, such as environmental transformation.”

However, he pointed out that if the pandemic has taught anything, it is the importance of digitization and with it cybersecurity, which is why he chose the need to strengthen policies to strengthen them, a day after the White House specifically accused China of being behind a major cyber attack on a private email server with Microsoft Exchange.

On the other hand, during his interview, Sanchez also managed to show the presence of the government with more women in the world, when asked about it. “We are very proud,” he stressed, before also highlighting the approval of the Equal Pay Act.

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