Mexico seeks a miracle against the United States in the World Cup

Mexico seeks a miracle against the United States in the World Cup

Sunday 10 July 2022

cWith minimal chances of advancement to Appendix Awarded 3rd place transcontinental in each group, Mexico He will seek personal revenge and reconciliation with his people through confrontation United State, in Uni.

After losing to Jamaica and Haiti, which did not leave him a chance to qualify Paris 2024 Besides the low level of gameplay in both scenarios, trio of women He will have to score his first goal of the tournament against an opponent who has not scored a single goal against him in his last five matches.


Monica Vergara She was fiercely questioned about the style of play with which her team succumbed to the “weaker” teams in the first set on paper. Although several sectors described the performance as poor for overestimating rivals, the 39-year-old DT stated that this did not cross the minds of those who make up the national team.

“Belittling a competitor, has never happened to those of us here. Jamaica and Haiti have been working together for 10 years; in this generation, it’s things we’ve worked on, and I always welcome all comments, and everyone is free to express what they feel or think”released at the conference.

Of course, El Tri will try to reverse the bad move, but in front of them will be the best team in the world. with Megan Rapinoe Once again, after receiving the Presidential Medal from President Joe Biden, Vlatko Andonovsky He will have a whole lottery to face the Mexicans.

With eight goals in favor in two games, the Americans will not only stop attacking, but will also look for Mexico to challenge them, along with the fans who will be on the field, at least that is what the Macedonian American coach hopes.

remarkably Vergara it will not be Greta Spinosa by commenting, Rebecca Bernal Because of the known third degree cervical torsion he suffered against Haiti and Nancy Anthony Who will like it PCR test This Monday to see if it will be available.

What do you need to try?

To get to the Repechage, Mexico has to beat the US and hope Haiti and Jamaica don’t win to be third in the group. In addition, they have to beat the Caribbean with a goal difference, because El Tri is -4, as well as Jamaica, while Haiti is at zero.

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