Micron: How many days should a person with Covid-19 be isolated? All about quarantine


theYou are covid-19 infection They are the order of the day. Micron variant increased positive cases in Mexico and the world, Therefore, you should not lower your guard and pay close attention to the appearance of any symptoms.

This is why clear brand We clear some doubts To the incubation time of the virus to know the appropriate time to take the test (5th day of contact with a positive person) and not casting a false negative, as well as the number of days an infected person must be isolated.

How many days should a person with Covid-19 be isolated so that he does not transmit the infection to others?

Health authorities recommend that the person be infected He must be isolated for 14 days.

What days can be marked as 0 in the event of a possible Covid infection?

To find out how many days and days you should spend in quarantine, It will be very important to know the day you were in contact with someone who tested positive. For you, this will be your day 0.

In case you don’t know when or where you got it, The first day you show any symptoms, your day will be zero. From there, you will have to count 14 days of quarantine.

How long is the incubation period for the coronavirus before symptoms appear?

the World Health Organization (WHO) Ensures that once you are infected, The virus will take 5 to 6 days for some symptoms to appear; This period is the time of incubation.

  • nasal fluid
  • Headache
  • throat pain
  • fatigue
  • sneezing
  • the conditions
  • muscle pain

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How long can a person with Covid-19 be infected?

injured person Contagious within three days of infection with the virus And they can keep posting it for the next eight days.

What are the different Covid tests and which are the most effective?

PCR: It detects the presence of genetic material for pathogens through a biological sample extracted from the patient’s nose or throat. It is the most reliable test with 100% efficiency, Although it is the most expensive, most expensive and which takes longer to achieve results.

antigen: It detects virus proteins while the infection is present and this is done through a sample of the nose or saliva. Results are obtained within 10 to 15 minutes After the efficiency is nearly 80%.

Antibodies: It serves to detect if a person is infected and develop their defenses. There are two types of serological tests: Self-diagnosis and laboratory analysis.

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