Viral video: They build a house using a lamppost as a pole


There is no doubt that when it comes to creativity, if that is what you can call it, a human being is capable of solving almost any problem. This time it applies to the world house building, revealing one that made poetry stand up to all who saw it.

It is a house built with a very strange structural support, because it is supported by an unusual column, because this is a lamppost. Yes, while reading it, someone thought it was a “good idea” Use a light pole, complete with a transformer on top, to support the house.

Entering the public road

True, every person who owns real estate has the right to build his own house or make changes to it. But, first of all, you must take into account the building regulations imposed in your community or region. All to avoid getting into illegal situations to break into public roads.

This prompted the person to register the house of a neighboring family, who decided to use a lighting pole as one of their building poles. In this way they support their homes and put themselves at great risk.

The above was shown through a short video clip on social media, which showed the house located in Santo Domingo.

And also carries transformers

As if using a lamppost weren’t enough, at the top of it is seen the transformer that supplies power to that whole block or street. In doing so, not only are they at risk from the potential electrical shock that can affect the home and its users, but it will also cause damage to nearby light installations.

It is a fact that whoever designed this did not have the slightest bit of caution in the consequences of his act. Faced with such a situation, users who watched this video reported this to the official account of the Ministry of Public Works of the Dominican Republic, so that they are aware of this construction and solve it.

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