A missing girl in the middle of a blizzard spends a night in the kennel embracing the animal



15 ene 2022 13:39 GMT

The little girl was found safe and sound, though sedated with cold, 500 meters from her house inside the kiosk.

A 10-year-old girl spent a night in a kennel after getting lost during a heavy snowfall in the city of Oligorsk on Sakhalin Island in Russia’s Far East. reach The local press.

Police received a call about the minor’s disappearance Thursday afternoon, when the girl did not return from school. A search team of officers and volunteers was immediately organized and began to inspect the city, an operation made difficult by the heavy snowstorm that hit Sakhalin the day before.

In short, the policemen located the girl’s communication network, but this network was not wide enough to allow her to locate her. However, it gave them evidence that the little girl loves animals, and after interviewing locals, they learned that the girl was seen playing with a dog on Thursday. This data made the research focus on recording yards and homes with dogs.

As a result, early Friday morning a volunteer discovered the girl inside a dog kennel, just 500 meters from her home. She lay hugging the animal, and although it was cold, she was safe and well. As it turned out later, the little girl in the shed fainted during the storm.

The storm continued on Sakhalin the whole time Three days The island was left covered with a thick layer of snow. They were recorded during snowfall, power outages, closure of a local airport, and a large number of traffic accidents. Similarly, in the south of the island strong waves destroy About 400 meters from a coastal road.

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