Microsoft denies Elden Ring and GTA 5 are coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming, according to Eurogamer

It was just a bug that has since been fixed after being accidentally shown in the app.

It is a fact that Xbox CloudGaming It will be hosting many more games over the next few months for us to play through the stream. However, different menus appeared yesterday by mistake Important addresses which she hinted that it could be run via the cloud.

Elden Ring, GTA 5 and Soul Hackers 2 no longer appear on Xbox Cloud GamingThese games are about GTA 5, Elden Ring and Soul Hackers 2. a Twitter user picked up yesterday that it is listed on the official Xbox Cloud Gaming website, but Microsoft denied its accessAnd the According to a spokesperson for Eurogamer. It was speculated that it was one of the ads Gamescombut we have already seen that this is not the case because Xbox already shared the games we’ll see at the event.

A Eurogamer spokesperson reveals: “We are aware Error incorrectly displaying some addresses as available With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. We have published a solution and it has already been updated.”

Titles can no longer be found in the Xbox Cloud Gaming app, so this error has now been fixed. What is certain is that we will have at Gamescom like games P Lies, Earthed or Pentiment Among several others. talking about Elden Ring updated to version 1.06 to encourage us to play alone.

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