Millions of works by great composers in the highest quality and at no additional cost

Millions of works by great composers in the highest quality and at no additional cost

So, out of the blue and in the middle of a nap. Apple suddenly confirmed the rumors about this application and submitted Classic Apple Musica separate app for Apple Music subscribers interested in classical music, optimized for the genre.

The app is available on the App Store but as a backup, it cannot be downloaded yet. But already from its description we can directly see its advantages, in which two points prevail above all: specialization and quality.

All quality, all data

will host the Apple Music Classical More than five million songs Of this kind, spread over thousands of albums. We will be able to search for each piece by selecting special points such as the catalog or concert number. We’ll be able to see all the most popular versions of the same Beethoven aria at a glance, with all relevant metadata and appendices like composers’ biographies included.

The catalog will be available at Uncompressed and lossless audio, at 192 kHz and 24-bit. In addition, there will be thousands of songs that will also be recorded with spatial audio and Dolby Atmos. And the best news of all: You won’t have to pay any extra fees. If you already pay for Apple Music, you already have Apple Music Classic. The only plan that doesn’t include it is the Voice package, for €4.99 per month.

It’s strange that Apple decided to make Apple Music Classical official now, because it reinforces what it recently commented on: while Spotify sticks to tiktokiziApple stands for quality. This further separates the directions of the two services.

Apple Music Classical will be available for download and use From March 28th. At the level of technical requirements, we will only need our iPhone to run iOS 15.4 or a later version of the system, and the same with the equivalent versions for the rest of the Apple platforms.

Image | Andrei Konstantinov

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