Spotify will look more like TikTok with its new design

Spotify will look more like TikTok with its new design

picture: Spotify

Spotify held a big event in Los Angeles with Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Lopez, Karol G, and other artists. But rather than focusing on popular artists, Daniel Ek, the company’s founder and CEO, said Spotify is a place where all creators can establish their careers, thrive and grow. And what is the creator network that all other networks are copying? Well, TikTok, of course.

Spotify has introduced a new interface that’s more interactive and visual, with a vertical feed in which you can pan around TikTok-style while playing audio and video clips. These clips are called “Previews” and include playlists, albums, and podcast episodes customized for each user.

Two novelties in the redesign for users We are:

  • “Smart Dribble”. A way to include new music to complement your musicExisting playlist
  • Autoplay the podcast. As with music, Spotify will now offer to autoplay the podcast when the episode ends

And for creative people:

  • discovery mode. Tool to identify new songs
  • “an offer”. orno card in the new feed A startup that presents the artist’s music to potential listeners

“Nearly half of the streams are driven by Spotify recommendations,” said Gustav Soderström, Vice President of Products at Spotify. “This is why, unlike many other platforms, new content discoveries on Spotify offer content creators so much more than a fleeting moment of fame.”

The video will be the cornerstone of a file Redesign. The new Spotify app will allow you to host video podcasts beyond Anchor (which, by the way, is now called Spotify for Podcasters). The interface will be live as of today for more than 500 million monthly active users of Spotify.

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