The first details of the PlayStation 6 have been filtered out

The first details of the PlayStation 6 have been filtered out

Now there are more and more specific details about Khalifa NintendoswitchIt seems that the rest of the competitors are waking up and not wanting to be left behind. It’s Sony’s turn and information has begun to swirl the net about the next heir to the legacy of one of the company’s most important brands: Playstation 6.

he PS6 It still seems a bit far away, but it was possible to reveal the first details of its development in terms of its structure.

At the moment it appears that the PS5 It starts to take off leaving behind all the teething problems that Sony’s console had due to lack of components to begin with. However, from the Japanese company they confirmed some time ago that as soon as the launch of a new generation takes place, they are already thinking about the next one, and in this sense, one of the first details of PS6 It was detectable.

The rumor comes from the Twitter account PS6 countdownensuring that the chief engineer of Playstation 4 And PS5And Mark CernyI will actually work on the concept PS6, the next console under Sony’s signature. Of course, this is just a rumor and it should be taken as such until more information is received. At the moment, it is too early for the Japanese company to talk about what its next system will be like, but it is clear that it is already working on its development due to statements by officials on previous occasions.

For now, it remains to be seen if Mark Cerny He is responsible for leading the project and shaping the structure PS6as happened with the previous two systems, which seems very reasonable given the good performance that both consoles have provided so far.

But, don’t sell your PlayStation 5 just yet, since launch PS6 But at least until 2027.

Given all the problems the current generation’s inception faced, it’s easy to think that it might last longer than expected. And this is exactly what the first reports from Sony say, since in all the conflict with the potential purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, several future plans have been revealed, among which is the possibility of PS5 Its life cycle extends for at least another four years.

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Editor’s note: Console life cycles are getting faster and faster, either that or I’m old. Let’s hope that the innovations that the new generation of consoles brings will still be impressive.

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