MIR covid tests ‘depending on the number of infected’


Thomas Kubo, President of the World Trade Organization.

Time is running out MIR 2022 applicants infected with Covid-19 or in quarantine due to close contact They continue without alternatives to be able to pass the entrance exams for the specialized health training that will be held on Saturday. Doctors will consult the Department of Health in this final section about possible alternatives, though Rules out creating a ‘second exam’ pFor these students as some unions suggest.

“the Dates must be preserved Then look and check each one’s personal circumstances,” Thomas Cobo, president of the General Council of Medical Colleges (Cgcom), tells medical staff. He explains that the main reason is to keep the calendar for Ensure the integration of MIR into the work plans of all educational units Hospitals in Spain.

The evolution of the epidemic, in his opinion, is another aspect that must be taken into account, when drawing up a potential “Plan B” for the positives. “We don’t have a navigation plan with Covid And we don’t know if things will improve in three months,” the president explains, convinced that”I can’t wait for the seventh wave“If you plan to set a new date for the test.

Would it be fair to postpone the MIR exam?

He asserts, however, that the “ideal option” It will depend on the number of infected students At the time of the exam who, according to the protocol established by the Carolina Darias department, will not be able to attend the exam. From Cgcom think it should be specifically The Ministry decides the plan to follow And wait “attentively” until an “intermediate” solution is found. “We’ll see how we can improve that in the most amicable way,” he noted.

“Currently, it is a disease that does not allow them to go to the exam as it happened to them. I was studying my career‘, comparing Kobo, realizing the ‘semantics’ involved in implementing an ‘alternative system or not’ ‘respectfully’For applicants who present themselves in a timely manner.”. Although the group claims to regret these students for not being able to attend the exam, they consider that the first thing”get better and recover”.

The Minister herself, previously referred to the “fairness” involved in the implementation of a One test as a reason to block applicants from appearing To medical residents infected with coronavirus, the minister stressed in the press conference held after the regional council, that it should be a “unique” exam because “once the exam is taken the questions are uploaded and published on the allegations.”

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