Anthony de Jesus Osuna put in golden letters the activity and practice of medicine: Raúl Ojeda


Former Government Secretary Raul Ojeda confirmed that Dr. Antonio de Jesus Osuna Rodriguez It has been a standard of medicine in Tabasco and country, pioneering the development of this activity for decades.

He emphasized that the doctor had always been distinguished by his intense love for Tabasco, as he passionately developed his profession.

In an interview with Telereportaje, he classified him as “a wise man, with an enviable calm”.

“This means and where what matters is health, the patient and not compensation or payment for the service rendered. He has been seen giving free consultations and has always had that attitude, it is an example that fortunately there are still many doctors in Tabasco who emulate this teaching ‘, he explained.

Ojeda Zubieta also spoke about the farmer’s face that doctor Osuna Rodríguez developed in parallel, because he also contributed to the sector.

“He has been a consultant to almost all organizations and his voice has always been calculated, but also with the strength of a good soldier when he set the line for the equation and it was achieved. He was always generous with the right advice for all.

He said, “An exceptional breeder, someone who will forever be a memory in the entity, who left many friends of all generations because he interacted with all of us, and had such a peculiarity.”

As a story, Raúl Ojeda mentioned that he and David Gustavo Gutierrez Ruiz, Daniel Salinas, Alejandro Yabor and others for a while met Dr. Antonio de Jesus Osuna at a restaurant in Xalapa, where they discussed daily events.

He added that he could not question the former director of Juan Graham Hospital, where he had enjoyed an impeccable career.

“No one I know asks him anything in particular, he was always generous, a very reserved person, very wise, and when he spoke, he did so with confidence and after listening to everyone.

“His contributions concluded any discussion because he was always or always right about the subject being discussed. He was a wise man, of enviable calm, and I believe his family should be proud of the legacy he left behind,” he said.

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