MIR study includes League of Legends breaks

MIR study includes League of Legends breaks

From an Austrian father and a Galician mother, Sophia Haselgruber She made history by being the first number one woman in MIR since 2013. She has a research desire and is ready to choose dermatology, although she doesn’t know in which hospital she will set up her residency. His overall score was the highest, although he believes that “chance” plays an important role between being one or two.

While her fate is decided, social networks are full of congratulations to this young woman who shares her taste Science with your passion for music. In addition, thanks to his activity in these channels, we know that he is also a file Enthusiastic about video games.

Sophia Haselgruber He admitted that his secret Number 1 of MIR He took some study breaks play video games. Specifically, Galician declared itself a fan League of Legendsalso known by his acronym LoL, and so it was posted to all his Twitter followers.

Medical players

Many MIRs share his flair for video games who launched themselves to ask Haselgruber What are your favorite video games? She has received so many reactions about it that she was surprised by a large number of “Players” What’s in “Medicine”: “You hide so much, I always thought I was the stranger,” she says in one of her tweets.

Sophia Haselgruber #1 in MIR 2022, he also advertises on his social networks his taste for other video games like monster hunterAnd the the legend of zelda or Coffin missing.

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