Mistreating a robot dog also makes you a horrible person (science says so)

Mistreating a robot dog also makes you a horrible person (science says so)

Can someone who mistreats a robot dog be a bad person? That’s what the science says.

If a robot dog is mistreated, it may be a sign that its owner is not a good person. picture: trade

Robots are already among us. This may not be the same appreciation we have for science fiction movies, but the truth is that we live surrounded by this technology. Do you have a robot vacuum cleaner? How about a kitchen robot that you prepare your favorite recipes with? All this was created to cover a need, but it is undoubtedly still something material. So does this mean that We can’t get allergic to bad behavior for robots?

Let’s see the simplest point to understand what is happening. It’s possible that your TV remote didn’t work properly on some occasions, right? The instinctive gesture is to smack the butt to see if that works. Not to mention more button presses thinking this will work! That said, would you do the same thing to a robot dog if it didn’t listen to you? Most likely not. It wouldn’t be animal abuse because it lacks life, but something tells us that We will not have the same behaviour.

Science studies this type of behavior. After all, man is constantly evolving, and therefore, we are adapting to a new environment that is full of connected technology and based on artificial intelligence systems. What conclusions were drawn regarding bot abuse? The first studies suggest that if you get hurt by these devices, it may make you a person who doesn’t work very well.

Taking out anger against a robotic dog makes us think we are dealing with a bad person

according to Research I realized that there are different types of behaviors that can be produced at the sight of a robotic dog. In the following photos you can see how, on one occasion, There is a quarrel with a girl. Is this reaction to the presence of Stampy’s robotic unit normal? Theory tells us that this type of behavior may be more common than it seems.

Bots do not suffer nor suffer, but morally there is an owner behind them who can feel hurt by this type of situation. It is true, however, that this is an odd situation, since the robot dog You are traveling on a road where people must travel. However, it is surprising to see how this person, without hesitation, criticizes this technological product for no apparent reason. In fact, it’s not on the same track, so it would have passed right by.

Should I have kicked the robot? There are very few arguments in favor of the decision this girl made. After all, will the rest of the people in the shoot feel comfortable with the procedure? Most likely not. Not to mention the robot dog owner himself! The philosopher Kant did Analyze the behavior of people with animals and corresponding personality analysis. Can it be extrapolated to robots? In a way, this behavior would also help to see what behaviors a person might have.

Now, what generates suspicion? exist Exceptions that leave us in doubt. The best example of this is through video games with extremely violent content. Does this mean that a person who is fond of this kind may have a higher probability of committing acts of this kind? The fact is that no evidence has been found in this regard. It is difficult, as I have been able to notice, to reach a sufficiently paradoxical conclusion.

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